"They played a 50th birthday party in my house and had everyone dancing & singing all night. Highly recommend them!! Great group of musicians. So much fun!"

"Love this band! This was my first experience. I went to Tipping Chair with my niece and we loved it. Would definitely go to another show!"

Who is Post DJ Apocalypse?

PDA is a band whose sole purpose is to keep people dancing all night long. We're all about bringing the party with everyone's favorite songs played with an infectious energy! Formed in 2018, PDA is made of trained pros who have been rocking stages around the Northeast for over 15 years including countless weddings and private parties. The brand might be new, but we've each been "around the block" and want to show you and your guests/patrons a time they'll never forget! With our dual Male/Female front vocalists and amazing musicians, we can play anything exactly how it's supposed to sound; the way you love it!  We rap, we play face-melting guitar solos, we harmonize, we have a beautiful female vocalist who is a natural entertainer. Come out to a public show and see for yourself! 

Booking: 203-804-9950



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Q: Why is there a different vocalist in the video than in the pictures?

A: PDA, powered by Heart Square Music, is a small and strong network of professionals. We work with a few choice vocalists. We never go outside of our small, trusted and trained network. This keeps us flexible while still maintaining a high quality. Our identity is in the delivery on stage overseen by Stephen Gregory Pertesis.

Q: Do you dress up for weddings and other formal parties?

A: Of course! On such occasions we wear suits and, for the lovely lady, a dress; nothing that screams too much attention unless you would like that.

Q: Do you provide your own sound system?

A: For smaller parties, as well as small clubs, we provide sound. For anything larger or of significant importance, we hire out to a number of quality sound companies.

Q: Do you provide lights?

A:  Our in-house lighting is simple, classy uplighting on the bandstand that can be color coordinated with your event. Lighting packages can be provided as contracted out to a dedicated lighting company.